Session #3

Sleeping with the enemy.

They made camp for the night on an old footbridge. It wasn’t much but at least it was dry and had a decent view of the surrounding area. During Ashmorian’s watch they made their move. He spotted them and calling out to his friends they were beating back an attack. But, something was wrong. What? And then he knew. They were fighting, and Nen and Azijdian weren’t moving. He looked for them, and spotted them on the ground just barely breathing, and judging by their color they wouldn’t last much longer. Making sure his friends would last the fight Ashmorian went to them and began working fiendishly to save them. Skar-ten, Isdar and Fotira killed most of the rest of them, but spotted one trying to escape. They gave chase, more than they wanted him dead they needed him alive. It was tough to track it in this terrain. The soft mud that gave a telltale bootprint would then hide it under swamp water,andin the dark theycouldn’t b e sure they weren’t being led into an ambush. Thinking that, Fotira turned to Isdar. “Go back, if they’re hiding waiting for an opportunity like this this Ashmorian is unprotected.” “I’ll stay with Skar-ten and track this thing.” Isdar didn’t like it. But he couldn’t the sense and so he nodded and hurried back.
He found Ashmorian still working hard at saving his patients, and was glad he’d returned. He could render a bit of aid. But more importantly he could keep watch. Ashmorian’s attention was so focused he was nearly defenseless against a well planned attack by a group of kittens.
Skar-ten and Fotira succeeded at catching and subduing their prey and retunred to camp with her. Questioning her revealed little, and in the morning her body was gone,



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