Ashmorian Stone

Strapping young man with a regal, but tired bearing. Soft eyes and measured tones.


The illegitimate son of a middling landowner and minor Baron, Ashmorian was raised away from the rest of his father’s family among the servants and folk of the town. He was well-liked by the townsfolk with his easy nature and his helpful hands although the spectre of his birthright shadowed him. His mother spoke little of the time she spent with the Baron always managing to change the subject just in time. Ashmorian did not pursue the matter and worked to a better more noble nature.

As his apprenticeship approached, Ashmorian was almost certainly drawn towards the Baron’s militia with his strong arms. While in the Baron’s service, he struck up a friendship with the son of the local priest, Ambrose. As his martial training commenced, a plague struck the small holding and cost to the folk was high. However, the cost to the Baron was greater, losing most of his children and his wife before the disease passed. With most of his heirs gone, the Baron sought out his blow-bys and secured them into “safe” occupations; clergy, mercantile and scholarly pursuits. Ambrose saw to Ashmorian’s tutelage in the Church, after the loss of his own son to the plague. He learned the history of his land and many a legend, as well as the mysteries and scriptures of the Shining Light.

After a number of years of service in the Church, Ashmorian fell afoul of the machinations of Rodrik, one of the Baron’s remaining legitimate heirs. A dull lad whose ambitions outstripped his ability was easily influenced by his equally ambitious friends, and sought to remove any obstacles to taking the Barony on his father’s death. Asmorian came under harassment from Rodrik’s men and Ambrose stepped in trying to calm the situation. They set upon him and Ashmorian struck to defend his mentor wounding two of his assailants before they fled. Ashmorian was “urged to leave” to avoid any repercussions to he or his mother and was set out with some armour, weapons and a small purse to wander and work to spread the good word of the Shining Light.

Ashmorian soon found his hand at being an adventurer, and felt it to his liking. He wandered from group to group, battling bandits and rescuing peasant folk until he found himself at a small tavern in the middle of nowhere, looking to fill his belly with excitement and ply his trade.

Ashmorian Stone

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