Rogue Historian


Isdar was raised as the only son of an aging priest of Oghma by the name of Herrik. Nobody ever told him how he came to be under the care of his “father”, and to be honest, he never really cared much. Instead, he found himself fascinated by the subject that his “father” studied, the ancient history of the humanoid races. Young Isdar would sit for hours, listening to Herrik read from tomes of ancient lore, and would share Herrik’s careful study of artifacts that were stored in the vaults of the Oghman Library. Over the years, he became more and more fascinated by those artifacts of lost civilizations.

As Isdar entered adolescence, he became frustrated by questions without answers. Once to often, his inquiries were met with Herrik’s standard response, “There is nothing in the breadth of Oghman knowledge that gives us that answer.” Slowly, as if seeping from the pages around him, Isdar came to his own answer. The only way to get new knowledge into the Library was to go out into the world and discover it.

From the moment he was struck by this insight, Isdar was relentless in his pursuit of the skills necessary to prepare himself. He knew from the catalogs of artifacts that most were found in the ruins and tombs of ancient civilizations, and he knew that there were dangers in those ruins. He read every story and journal he could find related to such exploration., and he began practicing the skills that were described. He also began compiling a map of known and suspected ruins and tombs. He went out of his way to befriend a young urchin who frequented the square in front of the Library’s entrance, trading food and stories for training in the art of “surreptitious procurement”. As his skills improved, he even talked his friend into helping him practice by entering some of the homes near the Library without the permission of the owners. Of course, all he wanted was to hone his skills, so he never took anything. He was pretty sure his partner was equally restrained.

Eventually, Isdar realized that there was nothing more that he could do to prepare for his new career. He collected his few belongings and said goodbye to Herrik, who couldn’t understand why Isdar would want to leave. Determined to return with new artifacts and a greater understanding of the ancient ones than could be found in mere books, Isdar set out to find some traveling companions.


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