session 5

the 3rd marker

Party was nearly boiled alive trying to get into the temple that contains the 3rd marker and inside wasn’t much better than outside as most of the temple is underwater. Nen drowned before she could get to the door that spelled air for them all. Ashmorian revived her yet again. (Getting to be a bit of a bad habit with him.) However she’s not really one to learn from her bad experiences and when she saw the temple worship center she rushed forward and nearly got sliced in half from the pendulum traps. It did manage to slice her leg and break her arm and she passed out cold from the pain of Ashmorian setting the bone. (Sheesh what a drama queen.). So, she missed Isdar finding the small treasure cache. The parties decided to let her sleep before she performs the ritual that will brand her soul. And we’ll pick up there when we resume play on May 18th.



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