[[Treasure from The Traveler's Temple]]

1. A sigil looking like it’s made of a deep red jade is on the alter lying on top of a tome. It is the symbol of the main god of the Travelers, now often called by the name of Asmodeus.

2.) An Obsidian spider with eyes made of rubies is on a secondary alter in an alcove

3.) Bracers made of bone plates.

Grimoire of the Eight Essential Spells

A second tome is found very well hidden within the head of a bust of unknown woman. The cover is of a fine Crystal as are all the pages, you can see completely through the book and it appears completely blank.

Arcanabulum of Blood Rites,
On the main alter is a brazier of Moonpearl delicately inscribed with Mithral, and Bone & resting on a cloth of dragon hide,

Treasure cache found after extensive searching. It was found in the room of preparation, said to be where the traveler High Priests prepared themselves for the dark rites of their office.
A jade drake eating a humanoid lying on a pile of gemstones humanoid is done in marble with silver plate armor. (1000gp)
Symbol of the Holy Nimbus +2
Circlet inset with gems worth 500gp
Girdle of crystal talons worth 340gp
Bracelet of silver filigree worked into flower and leaves and vines with gems inset as dewdrops and overall shaped like a crown. (750gp)
Backpack of Concealment (520gp)
Prison of Salzacas (520 gp)
Brooch of the Travelers in obsidian, onyx and mithral 700gp
Coin & gems worth another 4000gp.

5 potions of unknown effect

[[Treasure from The Traveler's Temple]]

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